Who Should I Study

As you observe the players on television, it is natural to envy the power and grace with which they can hit the golf ball. But before you try and copy the details of your favorite player(s) swing, ask yourself the following:

Is the player built like me?
Adopting a motion that is uncharacteristic to your build can be futile. Tall players tend to swing the club more upright and shorter players more around.

Is the player stronger and more flexible than I am?
Flexible players can create more torque and a nice shoulder turn, if you physically are unable to swing the club as far back as he or she does, it is pointless trying to copy the downswing.

Do you have the same type of grip?
I am not talking about how you join your hands; I am talking about the positioning of the hands- weak or strong. Your grip dictates how aggressively your clubface is rotated through impact.

I do not want to discourage you from rooting for your favorite player, just be cautious of how much you absorb by watching him or her. Play your game and seek help from a PGA professional who will cater to your specific needs.