Clubface Control

A very common problem among middle to higher handicapped players is the inability to square the clubface upon impact. The sensation is difficult to obtain because the club is moving with incredible speed as it approaches the ball. The following drill will train your arms, wrists and hands to instinctively rotate the clubface into a square position, and create a flat left wrist upon impact.

Hit an Impact Bag or Old Tire to Improve Impact Position


You need an old tire or bag filled with towels, and an old iron club, since this drill is apt to wear out both. At the address position the tire just inside your left heel. Make a swing, but not so hard that you hurt yourself. When the club contacts the tire, hold the position to monitor the desired alignments:

  • The left wrist is flat toward the target
  • The club leans slightly forward
  • Shoulders are slightly open
  • Right arm close to your side.
  • The clubface is square. On the downswing, try to rotate the clubface so it returns to the same position it was at address.